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Graphic Design, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, Muse, PowerPoint, Camtasia, Flash, Print  Design, Branding, all forms of Graphic Instruction and more.

Welcome to wrsdesign

All graphic site elements were created in Adobe Illustrator CC or CS6

All graphic site elements were created in Adobe Illustrator CC or CS6

"USA-Decade in Space" is a very
early example of my work for the
Jackson Cover service dating back to 1970.

In 1970 was a junior in high school, with no formal Graphic Design training, when I was hired by Gladys Jackson owner of The Jackson Cover Service, to create First Day of issues for her company.

The Jackson Cover Service had been in business for many years producing First Day of Issues, and was currently working with Charles Chickering “a contemporary of Norman Rockwell”, Charles Chickering at the time was also the department head for the U. S. Bureau of printing and engraving.

Imagine me, an untrained, High School Junior being paid several hundred dollars per piece for creating artwork, that was being produced and sold in the thousands! Most of my friends were working at the White Castle!

My high school art teacher got wind of this and encouraged me to work on these professional projects in class for credit, and used me as a motivational demonstration for the other students that might be interested in creating art in the field of Graphic Design.

Later on, as I learned more about Charles Chickering and just how important an artist he was, I began to see how lucky I was that Ms. Jackson chose me to create Graphic Designs for the Jackson Cover Service.

In 1972, I applied and was accepted to the Cooper union for the advancement of Science and Art; and it was my work for the Jackson Cover Service that helped me to become one of  the 600 applicants out of thousands who were granted tuition free scholarships to the Cooper Union.

I graduated from The Cooper Union in 1976 while still designing for Jackson Cover Service. Gladys Jackson and the Jackson cover service is long gone today, but I am forever indebted to her for giving me my start in Graphic Design.

I currently work as a Graphic Designer, Desktop Publisher and also a Graphic Applications Educator. My work has been seen in Layers Magazine, Mac Design Magazine, Promo Magazine, Gift-wear News, and on

I have been featured in both Impressions Magazine, the Courier News, and listed in Trademarks/11 by David E Carter.


About wrsdesign and Graphic Instruction

I am an experienced Graphic Designer, adjunct instructor in Graphic Design for Independence University and also work with The Wall School of Art, At the Montclair Museum in their Media lab graphics arts programs.

I have over 40 years’ of combined experience as a professional Graphic Designer /Illustrator, and instructional experience in Graphic design principles and applications; I am forever committed to achieving the finest product, whether it is in graphic design/production or a student training module.

My commitment to help students make the most of their talents by offering patient personal mentoring include: a YouTube site where I produce mini-training Camtasia videos that help support student learning, and a WordPress blog that demonstrates a willing personal commitment towards fostering students learning goals.

Some of the courses I have taught include but are not limited to:

  • Illustrator beginner through advanced
  • Photoshop beginner through advanced

Adobe Applications:

  • Illustrator beginner through advanced
  • Photoshop beginner through advanced
  • Adobe Flash
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • HTML and CSS
  • Portfolio

I am is a graduate of the Cooper Union for Science and Art where I attended on a full academic scholarship, received his BFA and then completed nearly 2 years of Graduate study at Montclair University, where I concentrated on education.


All graphic site elements were created in Adobe Illustrator CC or CS6

How I  got started

Peaceful uses of the Sea bed was also produced in 1970 Featuring The Piccard Bathyscaphe "Trieste" it was issued By the United Nations.

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William Sweeney

356 Greenbrook Rd.

North Plainfield, NJ 07063


phone: 908-755 7820

cell: 908-821 5033

All graphic site elements were created in Adobe Illustrator CC or CS6